​​​​​​​​​Speaker Strategies  brings more than a decade of experience to the executive speaker placement, speaker program management, and event evaluation process. We secure and evaluate featured speaking opportunities for company executives, founders, and subject matter experts, ensuring that your speaker program is a strategic component of your overall communications plan.

​Whether you want to outsource the design and implementation of the entire speaker program process or you simply need advice on which conferences provide the best opportunities to reach your target audiences, Speaker Strategies can help. Find out how you can benefit from the relationships we've built in the conference industry over the last decade.  

  • ​Securing high level speaking engagements at top industry events and executive leadership forums
  • Creating and editing conference pitch materials, including topic abstracts and executive bios that resonate with conference managers
  • ​​Developing executive thought leadership platforms, highlighting each executive's unique area of focus
  • Managing speaker programs for entrepreneurs as well as Fortune 500 companies 
  • Researching events and evaluating unsolicited speaking invitations 

We specialize in: 

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