Innovation Powwow Postponed: Global Innovation Week has been postponed to 2017. During Global Innovation Week, more than 20 events, including the popular Global Innovation Summit, take place throughout the Bay Area. The reason for the postponement?  The organizers claim that they are “working on a big announcement that will take the Summit to the next level.”  Read more about the gathering here.

Nordic News: IPExpo, self-described as “Europe’s number one IT event” will be launching a new conference in Stockholm, Sweden, following a successful launch in Manchester, England last year. The new event will be held in Sweden because, according to the organizers, the country “has a contagious and exciting culture of early adoption in terms of new enterprise IT, start-ups and usage of these technologies at work and home.”  Dubbed IPExpo Nordic, the new conference will take place from 27 -28 September and is expected to attract 3000 visitors.

DLDeurope Debut: In September the team behind DLD (Digital Life Design) Conferences will showcase the newest addition to their portfolio. DLDeurope will debut in Brussels on 5 September 2016. According to the organizers, this event “will be taking a closer look at Europe: a continent undergoing major transitions. Politicians, entrepreneurs and scholars will come together to provide invaluable insights on what the future holds.”

Speaking Opportunity: Imagine Park is a live events stage and gathering place, in a park-like setting, on the National Cable & Telecommunications Association’s INTX (formerly called Cable Show) exhibit floor. The event organizers are currently seeking compelling ideas that leverage “today’s advanced broadband platforms in new and interesting ways” and “showcase trends in the emerging digital media landscape, from consumer behaviors and distribution platforms, to the latest connected devices intertwining with our digital lives.” Submit presentation ideas by 3 March here.

Lunchtime Learning: SXSW Eco will return to Austin on 10 – 12 of October 2016.  The conference will soon open a call for speakers through their tested PanelPicker process.  Before you start suggesting topic ideas however, you may want to find out what past SXSW Eco sessions have featured.  Check out some of the video highlights.

Coming Up Next: Next week’s event calendar is full of exciting acronyms! The ever-popular TED Conference (Technology. Entertainment. Design) returns to Vancouver on Monday, 15 February. This year’s theme is simply: “Dream.”  Organized by the Academy of Arts & Sciences, D.I.C.E Summit (Design. Innovate. Communicate. Entertain) will focus on the future of the interactive entertainment industry from 16 – 18 February in Las Vegas. Also next week, the B2B C2C Conference (Business to Business Content to Conversion) will take place in Scottsdale and will help marketers understand how to better “target, engage and converts prospects into customers.”