All in the Family: In February 2007, Pete Krainik founded The CMO Club, an inspired community of senior marketing executives, working together to solve today’s toughest marketing challenges through gatherings and intimate events. Last week, Salesforce announced that they were acquiring The Club. This will give Salesforce direct connections to The CMO Club’s 650+ members and events across 30 chapters. Through this acquisition, the CMO Club will be able to scale, “given the deep pockets and worldwide presence of Salesforce at some of the world’s most prestigious organizations.” Read more about it here.

September in Seattle: The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is launching a new cybersecurity event in September, appropriately named SECtember. The conference will highlight key issues and trends around how the increasing dominance of cloud computing has transformed cybersecurity. Some of the topics that the CSA hopes to cover on the agenda include DevOps & DevSecOps; Containerization, Microservices & Serverless computing; Software Defined Perimeter, Microsegmentation & Zero Trust; Cloud migration lessons; Cloud identity management; Compliance and risk management; Hybrid and multi cloud implementation & security architectures; Incident Management best practices; Cloud threats and threat actors; Security workforce enablement, and Global privacy strategies. The inaugural SECtember will be held 14-18 September 2020, at the Sheraton Grand Seattle.

Speaking opportunity: Connected Health Summit brings together 250 decision makers to consider the role of innovative connected health solutions in driving change around consumer behaviors as well as “how healthcare systems, insurers, and hospital networks interact with consumers.” The conference is soliciting speaker suggestions for its 2020 show, scheduled to return to San Diego from 1 – 3 September. If you have a topic and speaker suggestion related to either consumer engagement or healthcare technology, business models or partnerships, share them via the online form by 1 June.

Lunchtime Learning: Imagine Solutions is a one-day, annual forum in Naples, Fl that brings together prominent experts to share their specific area of expertise with an audience of 650 representatives of the private and nonprofit sectors. The conference describes itself as having “a global perspective, national focus, and ability to implement at a local level.” Watch speakers within several topic categories including the Arts, Healthcare, Longevity, Science and Technology, Social Entrepreneurism, and Society and Culture.

Coming Up Next Week: Virtual events predominate the event landscape. First up is the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) Annual Conference, where the focus will be on “Breakthrough Mindsets,” providing new opportunities for learning and school operations in light of expanding technological capabilities, including AI. Keynotes will be online 16, 17 & March, while the full program will be available in May. Computer-Using Educators (CUE) Spring Conference (19 March) will also move online. CUE typically draws more than 5,000 educators and administrators for guidance on innovations in blended and online lesson design. The National After School Association Annual Convention, which is focused on out-of-school time program providers and educators, will make some virtual sessions available next week. Other non-education events that are moving online include Microsoft’s MVP Summit (16-19 March) and the developer-focused Domopalooza (18 March).