Mindfulness in Mountain View: In 2022, Wisdom 2.0 will be held as a more intimate event in the Bay Area, with attendance limited to about 500 people instead of the usual 2,000 – 3,000. The gathering will be on 14 – 16 January in Mountain View, CA. According to the conference organizers, this flagship summit is “an invitation to look inward, to engage, to understand who we really are, and discover how we can bring this into the world… as we enter 2022 after over a year of isolation amidst covid.” Speakers include Jon Kabat-Zinn, Author and Mindfulness Teacher; Shelly Tygielski, Author and Founder, Pandemic of Love; Tristan Harris, The Social Dilemma, Center for Humane Technology; Rhonda Magee, Professor of Law, Author, Inner Work of Racial Justice; Russell Glass, CEO Headspace Health; Dr. Richard Davison, Founder, Center for Healthy Minds; David Simas, CEO, The Obama Foundation; Ruchika Sikri, Former Head of Well-being Learning, Google; and Rich Fernandez, CEO, Search Inside Yourself.

ISES offers US Chip Tips: The International Semiconductor Executive Summit events bring together semiconductor and MEMS industry professionals from around the globe to discuss common challenges. They have previously had two flagship events happening each year in China and Taiwan. For the first time in 2022, they will hold a US International Semiconductor Executive Summit. Happening in Arizona on 1 – 2 March, the gathering seeks to strengthen the US supply chain and promote key executives in semiconductor manufacturing, design, and research through networking and collaboration.

Speaking Opportunity: MarTech Spring will return as an online conference from 29-30 March 2022. The conference aims to cross-pollinate the best ideas and latest innovations across marketing, technology, and management to help attendees become masters of marketing in the digital age. If you have a speaker/topic suggestion, submit it via their online form before the 28 January deadline. And please heed their advice about content. According to the conference organizers, “The speaker suggestions most likely to be accepted are those that tackle a meaningful topic at the intersection of marketing, technology, and management. We think of MarTech as a “graduate level” conference program. Most attendees are already familiar with the basics of digital marketing and are looking to take their strategy and practice to the next level; we love presentation ideas that are targeted at that level.”

Conference Manager Q&A: Human Capital Institute – or HCI for short – produces conferences and on-demand content for HR professionals to help them become strategic partners in their business by planning, recruiting, engaging, and developing their people. We spoke with HCI’s VP of Events, Shane York to learn what matters most in producing the event calendar:

Speaker Strategies: What is the most important piece of a successful presentation abstract/topic description?

Both the abstract and topic must be relevant and address “what’s in it for me” with solid takeaways. This is what gets the audience most excited for digesting the session content. Another tip: Using good action adjectives with a focus on innovation builds the best abstracts.

Speaker Strategies: What do you love most about your job?

Even though producing so many events is a merry-go-round, each time around it’s different. I love that I’m able to innovate and take risks with new features for events. And of course, it’s great to meet fantastic presenters and learn so much along the way.

Coming Up Next Week: Bloomberg Technology Summit gets underway 14 December as an online program exploring “Pandemic Powers: Tech’s Opportunities & Challenges.” Sessions here cover topics like the role of AI in healthcare, cryptocurrency, and the future of eCommerce. On 16 December, the Health + Wealth of America will be held live in midtown Manhattan. Hosted by Techonomy, CDX and Worth Media, this event created to examine innovation, ingenuity, and technology will pose the question: In a time of shockingly rapid change, where can and should the U.S. go? Digital Summits embraced a hybrid model in 2021, with in-person events held regionally and topically focused seminars running virtually. Coming up on 14 December, Digital Summit offers a Deep Dive into Content, running from 11am-4:30pm ET. SaaStr Scale will stream a full day of content live on 15 December, including more than 25 tactical, “The Playbook To” sessions presented by CROs, CMOs, and CCOs. Finally, ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing runs 14-17 December in San Jose, providing a forum for researchers, engineers, students, entrepreneurs, and government officials discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise from rethinking cloud computing architectures and embracing edge computing.