Making it Possible: Last week the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) announced that they are launching a new event in 2023 called POSSIBLE. This gathering, which will be held from 17 – 19 April in Miami Beach, will be presented by Google, and “curated specifically for the marketing ecosystem.” The announcement noted that the agenda would be “dedicated to future-thinking combined with innovation and emerging technologies” and will “arm attendees with tangible insights to apply to everyday marketing business hurdles.” More information will be available in the coming months on their website.

Side by Side: MIT Technology Review has announced dates for several of their spring 2023 events and they shuffled up the timing quite a bit. All of the events will be held live and in person at the MIT Campus in Cambridge, MA, but offer an online element for attendees. One of the biggest changes to the lineup is that Future Compute will be held from 30 April to 1 May (starting on a Sunday next year) and that Emtech Digital will be immediately following (in the same location) from 2-3 May 2023. This will make planning and coordination much easier. Stay tuned for a few additional updates on these events after the new year.

Speaking Opportunity: The annual Climate Leadership Conference is dedicated to addressing the climate crisis through policy, innovation, and business solutions. Hosted by The Climate Registry, the conference brings together forward-thinking leaders from business, government, academia, and the non-profit community to explore energy and climate solutions and opportunities, and to showcase climate leadership. In 2023 the event will take place on 10 – 12 May in Los Angeles and is accepting speaking proposals. If you have anything to address related to one of their 2023 themes such as Delivering on ambitious net-zero goals; Driving investment towards more equitable, climate resilient communities; or Accelerating change through public-private partnerships, recommend a speaker here before the Friday, 20th January deadline.

Lunchtime Learning: Last month the New York Times convened its “big deal” DealBook meeting at the Lincoln Center, a by-invite only gathering featuring icons of business, culture, and politics untangle today’s most complex issues from monetary policy to the future of democracy. It was here on 30 November that the FTX founder broke his silence publicly on his very bad month. Where the Ukrainian president gave an update on Russia’s war. Where the U.S. Treasury Secretary called for more crypto regulations. And where Amazon’s CEO addressed an attempt by employees to form the company’s first U.S. labor union. NYTDealBook founder called this year’s agenda “lightning in a bottle,” and now you too can catch lightning with these sessions and more published online.

Coming Up Next Week: Most events go on hiatus next week for the December holidays. While there’s not a lot of conference activity, we want to take this opportunity to wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and Happy New Year! We will return with our next newsletter in January.