Shifting into the Sunshine: Infobip Shift is a developer conference which has been held in Croatia for more than a decade, gathering the global tech, developer, startup, and business community. In 2023, the Infobip Shift conference will host their first forum in the USA – their first event held outside of Croatia. It will be on 23 May at the Alfred I. DuPont Building in Miami, FL. The conference organizers said that they selected this location because Miami has emerged as a new tech hub and attendees will love the sun and beaches as well.

Tech Talent in Texas: LEAP HR forums provide industry-specific environments to challenge traditional thinking around how to build better companies. Their LEAP Tech Talent conference, now in its 9th year, focuses on how “non-traditional HR is enabling the most forward-thinking tech organizations to transform how they find and retain top tech talent and accelerate business impact in the next era of work.” Big changes are in store for the conference when it returns on 25 – 27 July. Not only will the agenda spend more time on how companies are adjusting their strategies in light of a new economic environment, but the event will take place in Austin, TX instead of its long-time home of San Francisco. The organizers wanted to relocate to a new hotbed of Tech Talent – and Austin fit the bill.

Speaking Opportunity: Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference West has opened the Call for Speakers for its 2023 event which will be in Pasadena, CA from 11-13 September. The conference organizers are seeking qualified topic ideas that are “relevant, current, vendor-neutral (no sales-pitches!), and reflect a learning objective from any of the following primary session tracks: Audit/Risk Management. eDiscovery, Forensics, Information Security, or Investigations.” In order to be considered for the agenda, speaker candidates must submit their biographical and topic information before the 10 April deadline, through the online form.

Conference Manager Q&A: Rachel Thomas is Head of Conference at CTO Craft Con, which will be held on 23-24 May at Tobacco Dock in London. Rachel spoke with Speaker Strategies last week about her plans for this year’s conference. 

Speaker Strategies: The May conference will be your first live CTO CraftCon. Why did you decide to host the gathering IRL this time?

The CTO Craft community has been growing rapidly over the last few years, with more and more tech leaders joining our network. Having run several successful virtual events, we felt that it was the right time to take the next step and host our first in-person event.

One of the key reasons for this decision was the desire to bring people together who have previously only been connected online. There’s no substitute for face-to-face interactions and the unique energy that comes from being in the same physical space. By hosting an in-person conference, we hope to create a more intimate and engaging environment where attendees can network, share ideas, and learn from each other in a way that’s not always possible online.

Speaker Strategies: What do you love most about your job?

As an event organizer, what I love most about my job is the opportunity to bring people together from different backgrounds and perspectives to exchange ideas, share knowledge, and build relationships.

Organizing a conference involves a lot of hard work and attention to detail, but the result is always worth it. Seeing attendees engage with the speakers, participate in lively discussions, and form new connections with each other is incredibly rewarding. It’s also gratifying to see the impact that the conference can have on the attendees’ professional and personal development and knowing that I played a part in facilitating that growth. Overall, as a conference organizer, I love the feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself and contributing to the collective learning and growth of the community.

Coming Up Next Week: A “solutions-focused event” addressing the realities of a changing climate, Aspen Ideas: Climate runs 6-9 March in Miami. The impetus for a South Florida venue? Aspen wanted to hold the event where the impact of climate change is immediate. SXSWedu – held 6-9 March in Austin and preceding the main SXSW festival by a week – gathers those fostering innovation and learning within the education industry. Also kicking off 6 March, CERAweek is one of the nation’s most notable events for the energy industry and will operate in 2023 under the theme “Navigating a Turbulent World: Energy, Climate and Security.” Montgomery Summit celebrates 20 years, produced by March Capital and slated to run 7-8 March in Santa Monica for delegates who are entrepreneurs, investors, and business executives looking for the next big technologies to invest in. Finally, Data Centre World gets underway 8 March at ExCel as part of the broader Tech Show London featuring expos, networking, and educational sessions.